Monday, January 11, 2010

Afternoon break

This morning I have:

# Washed & hung out 3 loads of washing (with one more still on the go)
# Cleaned out the car
# Scrubbed the kids bathroom and toilet from top to bottom
# Cleaned the laundry
# Made beds and thoroughly dusted, tidied & vacuumed the kids bedrooms
# Tidied and sweep out the back

Not to bad since I got a late start and didn't begin until 11am.

I have a few more things on my list to do but right now I'm sitting here with a cold drink and hoping that the mail arrives soon!

I'm waiting for....


and this....

to come (and some other patterns for the kids). The weather is hot and my wardrobe sucks and since I've made a little packed with myself to not buy any clothes for at least 3 months I'm dying to get some of these sewn and ready to wear! I've also pulled out some old clothing to do some refashioning too.

This super cute 'jumper' and this little wrap dress are also on the agenda to take a look at this afternoon.

All this is going to have to wait until this afternoon though. Zachary's ADHC physio is going to be here in half an hour and I really should go and freshen up. A morning of cleaning really gets the sweat going!

I'll also be playing 'A Photo a Day' catch up this afternoon.....

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