Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Another day another post!

A few weeks ago I took Ashlee to the doctors as she had been run down and generally unwell for quite a long time. Doctor did what doctors do and than decided she needed a blood test - he was thinking maybe Glandular off went. A few days later doctors surgery called to say the results were back and he would like to see Ashlee. Back to the doctors to find that Ashlee did not in fact have glandular fever but her iron levels were very high. There is a bit that goes into these tests so here's what is normal:

Serum Ferritin: 20 - 200 ng/ml
Transferrin Saturation: 20 - 30%

Ashlee's results:

Serum Ferritin: 314 ng/ml
Transferrin Saturation: 58% - this is the big indictor

So after a discussion about her, does not eat huge amounts of red meat etc.....and wheather she takes supplements......nope......we end up back getting blood tests. This time she they are testing for Haemochromatosis.

Christmas Eve I get a phone call from our doctor, yep she has it. Today we went back in for a discussion about treatment. We have been referred to a specialist but have also been told that the only treatment for Haemochromatosis is giving blood or at Ashlee's age just simply 'blood letting' since she is to young to give blood. Just a little fact for you all - as many as 1 in 300 people have it! It is also genetic and I have since found out that my Dad has it and I think it is in Ashlee's fathers side too. Today I had a blood test. Apparently because Ashlee has it I am at least a carrier the test is to see if I have it or not. Down the track all my other children will have to be tested as well - yippee!

So just more things to add to my plate. I also had an appointment today for the results of my cervix biopsy - see I must have done something terrible in my past life! For now we wait and repeat the biopsy in 6 months time - some good news I guess.

I'll leave it at that and leave you with some sewing that I completed today......

Firstly, a car seat canopy for my SIL Melissa and gorgeous little nephew Caleb. Now I completely forgot to take a picture when they came over earlier and picked it up, I'll have to get one later on. Until then think this but in these colours....

Then I 'whipped up' (lol!) a couple of burp cloths and a dribble bib complete with a snap

And this was sitting around waiting to be finished so I thought I would do it while I was on a roll!
One T-shirt - formally Ashlee's - refashioned into a T-shirt for Zachary!

He loves it and is currently wearing it while he is sleeping in his new bed!

Just for fun! This girl makes me laugh when I need it most!


  1. I'm so sorry.

    I don't know what else to say except that. I'm sorry that Ashlee has what she has and that you and all your children may also.

    I really think this year will shine brighter for you all. I know it.

  2. I hope so :) So far its all been good news so things are looking up I think!

  3. I had high iron/transferrin saturation 2 years ago and they thought I might have Hemachromotosis, but next couple of tests over the months it went back to almost normal.

  4. sorry forgot to add:

    I am sorry to hear it was confirmed in Ashlea. You sure do have enough to deal with already. I really hope things do improve this year for you and your family. xx


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