Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Belated (Part 1 - Pic Heavy!)

So far this year we have had nothing but good, which is great right?! We had such a hard year last year with so many bad things happening things have got to be looking up now!

I thought it was finally time to share our wonderful Christmas with everyone.....

We had 4 Christmas parties to attend this year......Firstly we had our Early Intervention Christmas Party/Farewell. You see we are no longer travelling the 1.5 hours back to Cooma for this every week. We wanted to finish the year out there and then change to somewhere closer. The problem I have found though is NOTHING COMPARES. MEIS is so unique I'm yet to find anything that even comes close and thats hard. We all loved going there and were really sad to be leaving, even though we were told we were welcome anytime.

We ate fairy bread

And's best to lick the icing off and leave most of the cupcake untouched

And said our farewells

The two most influential in Zach's experiences at MEIS

The one's I didn't get photos from.... The Queanbeyan Council Christmas Party - a lovely baked dinner and some entertainment and The Westfield/Spastic Centre Christmas Party - free Santa photos, lovely food, great games and inspirational people. Although none of my children would go anywhere near Santa, so no Santa photos this year.

Then it was The Special Children's Christmas Party....

Eating and drinking

Jumping castles (and a farm yard that I swear I took photos at but can't find them!)

Plenty of entertainment from snakes and alligators (that were a big hit!)

to a junior cheer leading squad - that were very good

Zach just enjoyed wondering around....

There was a great band, lots of dancing and some other rides. Police horses and dogs, racing cars, motorbikes and of course presents from Santa. The present were a hit, Santa not so much.

There plenty of Christmas lights! Our street was a Christmas wonderland!

Our neighbours house...

and some of the others...

More Christmas coming soon....I run out of time!

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