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December 14th 2009

(FIRSTLY - is anyone else having trouble with Blogger? My post is all stuffed up and it's done
all its own editing - fonts and font size etc!)

This was the day Zachary we went in for his first dose of Botox. We headed up to Sydney the afternoon before and spent the night at Ronald McDonald House Randwick. Met some lovely people and heard some amazing and some sad stories. I tell you staying there really makes appreciate each day more, your children and what you have - or don't have as the case may be.

8am and Zach was admitted. Being one of the youngest he was 2nd on the list. Zach freaked out as we wheeled him in (Anna had to be held back kicking and screaming by Nanny - poor baby girl). His cries got slower and slower as he drifted off to sleep. 40 minutes later he was back and he was upset but he soon settled down and then drank a whole cup of juice and 2 sandwiches. An hour later all seemed well and we were sent home. We had decided to spend the night at RMHagain and I'm just so glad that we did. Within 30 minutes of being back there Zach was getting very lethargic and also feeling very warm. We ended up taking his temperature it found it to be 38c. I called the ward and was advised to take him back to Children's Emergency, which we did. A small walk up to the hospital only to find his temperature was now 39.9c! It took 4 hours but we managed to get it down to 37.5c and another hour later it was still the same so we were sent on our way. By morning he was still a little warm but ok. It was scary to say the least but I was glad to be heading home.

That's when Dr Google came into play. After researching his symptoms I came up withMalignant Hyperthermia and guess what, its in our family. My Uncle (my Mum's
brother) flat lined on the table during an operation. So it is advised that we treat him like
he has it until we get some DNA testing done. More things he doesn't need.

So that was our first experience with Botox. Even though it wasn't the Botox that cause
the problem. We head back to Sydney on the 14th for a follow up visit and some
casting - I don't know how he will take that. Other than that Zachary is doing well.
He is talking incredibly well now and is such a funny little boy. TheraTogs are working
wonders and most days he actually asks to wear them and his AFO's! I guess he can see
the benefits.

In other news.....

Zachary and Anna got toddler beds for Christmas. My brother put them together for me
recently they have just been sitting in my room because their new mattresses hadn't
arrived. Today they did! I quickly got rid of the cots and put their beds in their room.
They were so excited! I also got them new quilts and junior pillows. Today's task - finish
their quilt covers and pillowcases. That I achieved!

One new Thomas Pillowcase - fabric was an ebay purchase

One new Thomas bed and Thomas quilt cover! (Panel from Spotlight and backing is a queen
sized white sheet that I got for $7 and did both covers and pillowcase!)

One new Dora pillowcase - another ebay purchase

Lastly is the new Dora bed (minus the stickers. I'll bed putting them on when no one is
watching!) and Dora quilt cover. Again the panel is from Spotlight.

My photo for today is coming - I don't think these count. Lol!

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