Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Today I had a meeting with the lovely Daniel from our local counsel. He is the coordinator of the Disability Services and in turn organises the respite care. Now I must say Zachary is not a high need demanding child at the moment (well not more than any other 2 year old!) but he some special needs that do take up a lot of time as many readers of this blog would totally understand. So I have started Zach (and Anna of course) in daycare one day a week to take some pressure off. I can go and do the exciting things like grocery shopping in complete peace (and buy way to much stuff because I have time to just browse the isles - eek!). DADHC kindly contacted the counsel to inquire about respite and that was what today was all about. They will pay for his time in daycare - more than just one day if I feel the need - you can probably understand how happy I was to hear this! Daycare is sooooo not cheap and even after the Centrelink rebate it is still costing me a pretty penny to send the three there. Without going into detail lets just say it has three figures. I was able to get a day of Preschool for Mitchell on the same day so I'm like totally kid free! Anyway it was an awful amount of paper work but its done now.


Mitchell has gone with (D)ExP until Sunday. I miss him already and he has only been gone for a few hours! I still have another 4 days until he is home again. I must say that I do really appreciate the break as Mitchell has been very testing lately. I can totally understand, he has been through a lot recently and it must be hard for a 5 year old to understand. First in comes these two little babies into his life. They needs turn out to be much more than we expected. Just when he feels that things may have settled down his Mummy and Daddy stop living with each other. I'm kinda glad my parents split up before I was old enough to know any different. My poor little guy, it really breaks my heart!


Not much else going on here at the moment. Getting ready for the trip on Friday. Just normal things.....For now I'll leave you with these.....

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