Friday, August 28, 2009

Just a quick update

more to come tomorrow....

Today we saw Dr Lowe. Booked in for Botox for his Abductor muscles. December 14th at this stage but Dr L said that will change as he is opening up some more places - expect it in the next month to month and a half. Watching his calf muscles at the moment and reviewing them again in a few months times, he doesn't want to do them right now. He wants him in his AFO's for at least a month before the review. Other than that everything is great and he is very happy with Zachary's progress.

The trip to Sydney was long and tiring with lots of snow traffic! Plenty of phone calls today from O/T, DADHC case worker etc. The one day when I'm really busy! We are heading into DADHC on the 9th of September to road test some wheelchairs. Appointment with The Spastic Centre to do some 'before botox' measurements and also need to meet up with our Physio to do some measurements for his wheelchair. Busy, busy and just when I thought things were going to quite down again for a bit. On top of all that we have our regular physio, our early intervention, we need to visit the audiologist (for both Zach and Anna) and Anna has appointments too! The main one being the Eye Clinic at SCH in a couple of weeks. Argh, 'life with Special Needs' is becoming a real reality now - full steam ahead.

Other news, Ashlee got through another round with Athletics. She is now competing in Wollongong on September 17th! I'm so proud her! Between her skill with netball and her brilliant athletic ability she is going to go far! I have no doubt her future will definitely involve playing or teaching some kind of sport.

Spoke to Mitchell today. Missing him like crazy! He got a 4 wheeler motor bike from (D)ExP for his birthday and he has been spending every waking minute on it apparently! It scares me a little but (D)ExP is very responsible with safety so that puts me at ease a bit.

Oh, and one last thing......we need to get one of these....

$69 from here.....Dr L is a bit concerned about Zach falling a lot. 99% of the time its his head that takes the hit - onto tile! So mainly when we are at home he must wear a 'Head Bumpa'. Super fashionable! hehehe.....

OK, not such a quick update but photos tomorrow! Fires on the side of the highway and all!

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