Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The last few days

We had another visit with Emma and Damo for Physio. They are brilliant and Damo always has Zach in hysterics! Its so funny to watch. They make therapy so much fun for him so I'm trying to what they do at home as Zach hates doing his stretches and therapy for me. From what I hear that's not unusual though. Our main goals at the moment are to teach Zach to sit properly and to crawl properly. If he doesn't do those two things we don't hold out much hope for him ever walking. Our main therapies are stretching, ball play - where he lays over the ball, trying to get him to stand holding on to a hula-hoop (without me hanging onto him!) and we are using a 'wobble pillow' to try and get him to learn some balance (which he has none of, nil, zilch!)

Our days seem to be consumed with therapy or some kind of appointment at the moment but it hopefully will pay off in the future.

Today we were meant to be picking up Zach's AFO's but due to some funding stuff ups we now have to wait another month. Hopefully they will be ready by then. So instead of going to The Spastic Centre's Orthotics Clinic we went to Early Intervention instead. Last fortnight they had a professional photographer there and today I got to see some of the gorgeous photos he took. Next time we will pick up a disc with all the photos on it. I'll share some, they are so special.

On the way home (its an hour each way) the little ones slept leaving me with complete quite!

(And no I didn't notice until we got home that she had taken her arms out of the straps! Ahhhh)

(Zach snores too! Oh and excuse the McDonald's box - its a fortnight treat thing after EI)

Tomorrow Mitchell goes with (D)ExP until Sunday leaving me with only the twins and of course Ashlee - who is ever so helpful (no I'm not being sarcastic) - to take up to Sydney for the day to see Dr Lowe. Looking forward to seeing him and showing off the progress Zach has made since we last saw him 3 months ago! I was hoping he would have his AFO's but that's not to be.

I'm also looking into buying some new convertible booster seats for Zachary and Anna. I want the CarGo one that Big W had in their catalog but in usual Big W style they didn't get any in and are not planning to - WTF? Why have it in the catalog than!! I want that one because it is the narrowest on the market. Mitchell currently has the Maxi-Rider and although I could just buy two more of them they are not going to fit across the back seat of the car. My other option is to buy two of the Maxi-Rider AHR's and move Mitchell into one of these.....

Infa Vario Max Booster

I think that they will all fit, I'll just have to do a few measurements. The investment of over $1000 - worth it? The three other seats will be sold. Or I can get two of these....

Infa Comfy Cruiser

and not the Maxi-Riders. They are cheaper but would like to do a little research first. Anyone tried any of these?

Lastly, Ashlee sent home from school again today sick. We are heading to the doctors soon to have a good health check up and see if there is any underlying problems....

Alright, dinner time!! 'See you' all later!


  1. Hi there, I think of you guys often and have now found your "new blog" and am excited to start stalking you again! lol Best of luck with Dr Lowe and great to get all of the kids updates!
    Love bron ox

  2. Sorry to hear you have to wait another month for his AFO's.

    Violet has a Safe n Sound Maxi Roder AHR and it's fantastic. I have also heard great reviews on the Infa Vario Max Booster.

    Hope appt with Dr Lowe goes well.

  3. I hear you on the arms out of the straps thing. Hugh still does it. In fact Hugh unfastens his whole booster seat and his brothers by undoing the seat belt that holds the seat in place. I didn't notice one day until I got home and Julian was almost across the other side of the back seat! I'm serious!


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