Monday, August 17, 2009

Busy busy

I've been playing around with my blog this morning.....when I shouldn't have been! Do you like it?! Now I'm going to head off and get some house work done, fold those clothes that are sitting there calling me. Get the dishes washed (man - why can't Mum have a dish washer?! Oh right she does but I guess {she} is out of order at the moment! Hmmmm.....) I need to get some more washing done and do a general tidy up than its off to Housing for an interview. Thankfully we have no appointments today.

Had a really hard night last night. Zachary woke at nearly 1am wanting to feed - I'm desperately trying to wean him but with little success. After giving him a small feed I cut him off which turned in an all out screaming match. After a little while he had woken up Anna too and then I had all three little ones in my, settling down (and giving up I guess) at around 3am! Mummy - 1, Zachary - 0. I'm extremely tired today and just want to sit around but life moves on and I better keep up with it.

Also did I mention that Zachary fell in the bath last night and broke half of his front tooth off! So today I'm also calling a dentist to see if we can maybe get his tooth smoothed out. Its really sharp! I feel terrible for my poor little man and quite guilty but I guess these things happen. Hopefully his new bath seat will turn up soon and I'll be able strap him down. As much as he loves swimming around in the bath he also loves to stand up at the side and walk around, he just isn't stable enough for that. Oh the joys......

This is the bath seat we are waiting on

Next up is a wheelchair......bath chair, wheelchair, AFO's, it ever going to end?!

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