Monday, August 17, 2009

I {heart} my new post title font!

Its after 1am and I can't sleep so here I am rambling on again....

Today was a total nothing day. In fact when I think about it I can't actually think of a single productive thing I did today! Don't get me wrong I have plenty to do - like folding the basket of washing sitting inside my bedroom door and getting that all put away. I guess I just needed the day off - that's a good enough excuse isn't it?! Oh no, I lie! I did do one productive thing today and that was completing the invitations for Mel's baby shower! Oh and I found some more things I want to try out on the net.....

Tomorrow is more house hunting, with some help this time but I'll go into that later. We are having a hell of a time trying to find a suitable house that is all one level, has at least some yard for the kids to play in and isn't some stupid amount of money! I can not see how people can afford to pay more in rent than what most people make in a week. It so ridiculous!

Anyway, The Spastic Centre called to schedule our next visit to the Orth. Clinic for the 25th of August. We pick up Zach's AFO's! Yippee! Then we will be off to see Dr Lowe on August 28th.

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