Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Couldn't be bothered

....with a title that is.

Just been having a bit of a browse on face book and I tell you it has made me quite depressed! Even the girl that was the over weight, ignored, laughed at and teased girl (sorry to say but there was one at my school - like most schools) is married with a couple of children and smiles all around! It just makes me feel like I have failed - well, I have failed! Look where I am now. Oh, to turn back time - but I wouldn't give my children back for anything!

OK, moving on to a much happier note!

Today we had our first appointment with a private physio and it was brilliant! VERY worth the $75 a visit. They are a Physio and Rehab team that work together and Damien (Rehab) actually has CP himself. They have really given me renewed confidence and a better long term out look for Zachary. We now have some very specific stretching exercises to do with Zach while we play or read books and some great general ideas for things to use around the home that might help him.

Zach is funded through DADHC (Dept. of Aging, Disability and Home Care) for free services like Physio, O/T and a Speechie but I really felt we were being left behind. I felt that Zach had so much more potential and with more intensive therapy things might be different. DADHC just doesn't have the resources to be able to keep up with everyone so this is the next best thing. We will still be utilising DADHC's services when ever we can but in the mean time both Emma and Damien feel that Zach has excellent potential and are very keen to start working with him. To tell you I am stoked is an understatement! Hopefully for future appointments I will be able to attend without Mitchell. Sounds terrible I know but when we are at therapy it is so Zach orientated that I think Mitchell feels very left out and so he tends to play up. Anna comes but she is so used doctor visits, therapy visits etc that it is just normal for her - although she is very protective of her BIG brother Zach when we meet new people. Tomorrow we head to Cooma for our Early Intervention. I'm still attending these until we can sort something out locally.

Today was Ashlee's first day at her new school. She doesn't have to much to say about it other then it was fine. This will be her 4th school in 6 years! I'm pretty confident she went fine though. Ashlee is a very confident and happy girl and gets along with almost anyone.....

Better run, its late and Zach is crying...


  1. It's worth remembering that photos only show the good times. The girl may have struggles too. Some areas of your life may not have worked out as you wanted but by the sound of things you haven't failed. Your kids seem fabulous, you're really lucky.
    Good to hear that the physio visit was successful :)

  2. Oh Naomi. :) dont be hard on yourself. You have done, and ARE doing a wonderful job.. Everyone has areas in their own life in which they fail. No one is perfect, to say that you have failed though, i dont agree with. Remember, there is almost always second chances... :) We are so glad you are here, and away from the situation you were in. The Lord knows your heart, and i hope and pray that he will one day give you the desires of your heart. In the mean time, keep going strong, and doing what you have always done.... the best with what you know. Dont ever let anyone tell you that you have failed... quite the opposite. Now i guess, the real journey begins. :) Keep your heart close to the Lord, and he will guide you... Its in those times that we feel helpless, and afraid that we need to draw close to him. Remember, people will always fail us... But he, never fails and knows you better than anyone else. :)
    Love you. :)

  3. Before the highs come the lows. Its the lows that bring us to our highs. Your 'high' is coming Naomi.

    You have done the best thing by moving out and away. Yes its tough at first but just you wait, I assure you that when you look back in a year or twos time you will not regret a single thing.

    As a PP said, don't be so hard on yourself. Your doing a fantastic job!


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