Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It never rains

it pours!

Last week we had Anna in hospital with Pneumonia. Oxygen Sat's sitting around 88, temperature of 39 and sleeping ALL the time is how she was when we arrived at the ER. Drip in (she was so sick that she actually fell asleep while they were putting this in!), chest x-ray, bloods taken as well as a 'snot suction' hehehe.....IV antibiotics and fluids, obs done hourly.....that is how it has been here. Thankfully we were able to pick it up early and she is on the mend. We were sent home on oral antibiotics for 5 days and Ventolin - 6 puffs every 3 hours. We have just been for a follow up visit with our GP and she is still not 100%. She now has another script to continue antibiotics for another week and is to stay on the Ventolin, same dose, until further notice. Back to GP for another check up on Monday. Please keep her in your prayers.

Zachary, he stayed with Mum for the time we were in hospital. The first time he has spent a night away from me! He did OK, Ashlee is brilliant with them and really turned into a second mother. What would I do without her?!

Also some great news! Zachary STOOD-ALL-BY-HIMSELF! He had is AFO's on and although it was only briefly he still did it! I'm so proud of him!

Ashlee has been sent home sick from a young carers camp - she was bound to get it, everyone else has. She did really enjoy her limited time there though.

Mitchell is home again from his Dad's....I missed him.....

Yesterday, we went to Thomas & Friends Live on Stage! and also The World Festival of Magic. Both were great, more on that later.....


  1. Sorry to hear about Anna, hope she is feeling better very soon!

    Well done to Zachary on his standing!

  2. Poor Anna, Poor you, it does seem to never rain and pour for you. Not fair, not fair at all. I hope the sun shines brightly for you all soon.

    Oh and the Thomas show was quite good, though I think my Hugh wasn't in the mood, he really wasn't himself that day..


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