Thursday, October 15, 2009

It never rains, it pours part 2!

Just a quick one......

Just discharged from the hospital again after 4 days. Anna has the NoroVirus - what next?! Initially went to hospital at 2am because of croup that had left her struggling to breath. After a dose of steroids she picked up but she started vomitting before we left. The diarrhoea started soon after and we were admitted with a drip to Paediatric Isolation. Her stool sample came back positive for the NoroVirus. The Norovirus is highly contagious - worse than the Rota virus. Thankfully we picked it up very early. She still not great but doing well enough to come off the drip and return home. Zachary unfortunately picked it up to but was able to remain home thankfully! Both Ashlee and Mitchell are well for now - fingers crossed but Mum has it too.

We will be in hiding for the next few days to weeks. I'm OVER hospitals (and Anna well and truly is over being poked and prodded!) and want to give her a chance to recover fully before we venture out in public again. That means all appointments cancelled and lots of rest.

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  1. You poor things!! You really do deserve a break from all this. I can't imagine anything worse than the rota virus!! I'm so thankful you picked up the nora virus when you did.

    Hopefully this warmer weather will bring with it a speedy recovery for you all and take away all of winters illnesses.


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