Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just a couple of things....

Firstly, on Monday we picked up our glasses....Anna and Me.

Is she just the cutest?! Excuse the messy hair but hey its the new black, right?

She loves them, most of the time and I have found they are very strong because she has already throw them on the floor a few times and bent the arm which thankfully just bent right back.

Yesterday we went and picked up these.....

Notice no pics of Zachary wearing them....that's because once we took them off yesterday afternoon he was not having a bar of them again. This morning I struggled for a while to get his foot in the right position to slip right back in the heel and when I did finally get them on him he refused to stand at all and just cried non-stop for over an hour! Tomorrow we head back to The Spastic Centre just to make sure that they are fitting properly. Knowing Zach it is just a refusal to wear them that we are going to have to work through.

Just pure stubbornness really! Oh and check out the just got up recently do!

We also need to go shoe shopping and pick him up a new pair of shoes that fit - they say go up a size with splints on right?

Just Mitchell, looks so sweet doesn't he?

Did I tell you that I have two sets of twins?!

Nah, just joking. Ashlee and her friend could almost pass for twins though don't ya think?

Lastly, I actually have some sewing in the works! Can you believe it? I had to borrow my SIL's machine as mine is packed away in storage. I'm making a hooded towel, a baby blanket, a bib and 2 burp cloths for a friends dear sweet little girl born on Monday. Welcome little Bridie! Everything is cut out and pinned up and tonight (once the kiddies are sleeping) I will just whip around them with the machine and package them up ready to send off. Photos I promise!

Currently Zach and Anna are sitting on the kitchen floor eating strawberries that Anna raided from the fridge, at least its healthy!


  1. Great photos!

    Hope Zach gets used to his afo's asap! xx.

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  3. I think Zach will just take some time adjusting to the AFO's. Violet is so much better with hers...try not to give in to his cute face to much!

    I think Anna look gorgeous in her new specs and those blue eyes!

  4. love the beautiful pics! and don;t worry too much about Zach's stubborn attitude it will no doubt serve him well in the future :)


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