Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It feels like Christmas!!

After having such a horrible time over the last few weeks I think our luck has finally turned! I pick up the keys on our new house (rented.....) tomorrow! We are moving in over the weekend! I'm like a little girl on Christmas morning....really!


...to have my own space
...to have more space
...to have my children in there own rooms again
...to play in the back yard on a warm sunny day
...to sleeping in my own bed - by myself
...to see Ashlee so happy to have her things ago

I could go on......

I will miss......

...having Mum to help out
...having an adult to talk to at night in peace and quiet
...our little pussy cat - he can't come but will live with Mum until he can join us again

Ahhhh! I'm so excited! And it is a beautiful house too....

Update on us:

Anna - still not 100%. She bearly eats and has lost so much weight. Still having some diarrhea and sleeping A LOT. She is grumpy, moody and easily upset. Not her normal self. She waking up at night again and usually heading back to bed with me. We are pretty much home bound as she doesn't want to go anywhere and would rather lay on the couch all day. Please keep her in your prayers.

Zach - he is going well now. Physio today that went great. New sitting wedge to challenge his balance. AFO's are great and helping him heaps, he even has got to point where it is normal and he doesn't complain at all.

Mitchell - he did get sick but thankfully picked up after a day or so. He spent the weekend with his Dad and had a ball - you know quad bike and all.

Ashlee - she was also sick, very sick. She is such a trooper though and held out until I was home from the hospital to help Nan out. Back at school today after the holidays, I think it is a welcomed break for her. Hoping to get her splint off this week, we have an O/T appointment Friday.

Me - I'm now having physio for my coccyx, second one was today and it seems to be doing good. I'm happy I can now sit for more than 2 seconds and not be in agony! I'm tired and still not 100% (I've been fighting a head cold for nearly 3 weeks now!) but feeling a little better. I was lucky enough not to get the virus though - looks like the OCD hand washing and antibacterial hand rub paid off, even if I do need to use a whole tub of moisturiser to get them back to normal. Packing things up and getting ready to move now.

Mum is also well again. I went over the house over the weekend with Glen 20 and disinfectant. Light switches, door handles, surfaces. Even pulled the reverse cycle apart and cleaned it all thoroughly too. Toy boxes where emptied out and every Dora, Thomas, track and Lego piece was cleaned. Sheets and towels were washed with an added extra too - Canesten Antibacterial Laundry Rinse. No bugs here!

Better run, after two appointments already today I have one more to go......


  1. What a lovely post to read!

    Yay to you getting your own place. Its just what you need and deserve.

    What suburb? Or are you guys in Queanbeyan?


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