Thursday, September 10, 2009

What a day (3 months) I have had! (part 1)

As you know I am currently 'camping out' at Mum's place until I find a house for us. We have the usual tension that a 27 year old with 4 children would have with her Mother (and totally doting Nanny) when you are living with them 24/7. Things are very strained at the moment. I'm in desperate need of a place of our own.....I'm stick of living out of boxes and suitcases! Anyway, this is were it gets worse.....

I have been 'trying' to put an application in for a Government House - just the word Government should have told me that it wouldn't be a straight forward thing. I also was trying to gain Priority status to make things a little easier. The main reason for applying for a government house (apart from not really being able to afford the $480 - $600 a week in rent!) is the ability to do modifications to the house to make Zachary's life easier as he grows that we will not be able to do in a private rental. The main reason for trying to get Priority status is the fact that they will help me out with the cost of Private rental until a house becomes available. Government houses around here are VERY few and far between so I would definitely have to go into the private market for a considerable amount of time.

OK, moving sum it up, its has been HELL trying to apply for a house. I have been in the process since early July and every time I would head down to the offices to put forms in they would give me another list of things they needed. In total I think I filled out 4 booklet style forms, had to get 4 medical form filled out, needed to get 3 written letters of supports, had to 'prove' that I was applying for houses on my own (which I have not been as I have not been able to find ANY suitable houses in my price range), I've had 4 appointments with them and many phone calls. I also had to get a letter from my Mum stating why I couldn't stay long term with her in a 3 bedroom townhouse (there are 6 of us - 7 if my brother who actually lives here but is staying with friends so I can stay here is here) that has no yard and very little living space. I tell you, letters to state the obvious is a real waste of time! It has taking MONTHS. The last straw that nearly sent me into a crying mess was the phone call this morning to say that after all that they were not sure that I 'proved' that I was in desperate need of house! I very nearly cried. The only thing stopping me was that I was just about to walk out the door to take Ashlee to the OT - yes, I said Ashlee. More on that later. I spent most of the day stressing about how I was going to make things work and decided to give them another call after we got home from all our appointments. This is the best part - I was told on this phone call that THEY APPROVED ME! Did you feel that weight being lifted off my shoulders?! They approved me! Now, they don't actually have a house for me but I can now go searching for a house that is suitable for Zachary regardless of the cost and we can finally have a place of our own. Thank you God! My storage shed runs out at the end of the month and I was not looking forward to paying another $180 for another month. Was that all just ramble? Did you get all that? I'm very happy with the out come and VERY relieved - finally!

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So we move onto other part 2......

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