Thursday, September 10, 2009

What a day (3 months) I have had! (part 2)

I'm doing this in dot point because I'm lazy its easier!

* Today I had to take Ashlee to the OT. The finger she broke has been very sore so after a trip to the doctor, an x-ray then a trip back to the doctor we find it hasn't healed.....

(This is not her actual x-ray but it is very similar to her original x-ray weeks back)

The break is actually called an 'Avulsion fracture of the distal phalanx'. Basically her finger was bent back so far that the ligament pulled a chunk of bone off (a volar plate injury). The ligament is still not healed properly and the little piece of bone? Well it floating around in her hand somewhere I guess because it is not there anymore....hmmmm. So it is splinted again and we just wait. No sports, no movement. She even has to shower with it on. The splint is pretty purple to! LOL!

* Ashlee is going to Wollongong next week to compete in Athletics!

* Zachary has had his AFO's approved and we pick them up this month! Finally! We will also soon be receiving his Bath seat.

* Wednesday we went and tried out some wheelchairs! Well Zachary did. I forgot my camera, I really wish I had it. He did so well and has so much upper body strength that he mastered it in under 15 minutes. We tried out 3 different ones:

Great chair - fits Zach perfectly but it doesn't grow at all so we ruled this one out pretty much straight away. You have no idea until you see this chair in person how tiny it is!

The Avantgarde

This chair was the one that Zach did the best in. He mastered this one straight away and didn't want to get out! It has room to expand width wise and also can be custom made. The little wheels at the front also light up the faster you go. It comes with wheel guards in a choice of cute little designs

And lastly The Teeny Plus

After almost 2 hours this is the one we decided to go with. It grows in both width and depth and should do him to well over 6 or 7. (I did check with I can get light up wheels with this one, and yes I can....hehehe) This one will be custom made to suit Zachary. For example we will remove the wheel guards as they inhibit his ability to push himself but will add swivel arm rests so he can get in and out of the chair. Also getting handle extenders on this so he can be pushed if needed.

Now just to convince the rest of the gang that this is not a toy!

* Anna has her Eye Clinic appointment very soon. We will see what that will bring -I really have no idea.

* Mitchell is going great guns at preschool! He is also going with his Dad tomorrow. As much as he drove me up the wall today I'm not looking forward to it :( I'm going to miss him A LOT! He will be going for the weekend then back for Preschool on Monday then back to his Dad's for a few more days.

* Me, well I'm feeling totally drained and not quite understanding how I manage to function at the moment. I'm having a hard time getting any real sleep at all these last few weeks then I'm running all day the next day! Not to mention my doctor thinks I have broken my tailbone but that is another story! Just an excert from my week so far:

Monday: Mitchell was at preschool and Zach and Anna were in care for the morning. Leaving me some time to try and catch up on some washing, run some errands; housing, medicare, etc. In the afternoon we had physio for an hour then a doctors appointment.

Tuesday: We have early intervention on Tuesday. Over an hours drive there, 2 hours of group and over an hours drive back. Nothing else on these days because we really have no time.

Wednesday: Ashlee had a doctors appointment then off to spend two hours looking at wheelchairs.

Today: O/T appointment for Ashlee over the other side of town. Back to our side of town to get to the chemist and medicare as well as haircuts for the three little ones (pics to come - Mitch got spiderwebs! And it was Zach and Anna's first haircut!). Then off to two doctors appointments for the afternoon. Managed to run down and do a quick grocery shop before dinner too.

Tomorrow: X-ray of my tail bone in the morning. Need to get some paperwork witnessed and call about a dozen real estate agents. Then off to Cooma (about an hour and 20 minutes away) to drop Mitch with his Dad.

In between all this I some how find time to eat (well most of the time), shower and occasionally blog. I'm looking forward to Monday morning! Three little ones in care and the morning to myself (well no appointments yet!).

I think I have rambled enough. Time to hang these few things on the airer and go to bed and hopefully get some sleep!

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  1. Naomi, I don't know how you do it. You are one very strong woman.

    Your children are very lucky and blessed to have you as there mummy. Always remember that.

    Take care of yourself.

    Nicole x


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