Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Eye Clinic and Hearing Tests

Yesterday we headed to Sydney....again but this time it was for Anna. Ashlee commented on how weird it felt to be here and not have anyone look at Zachary!

The Eye Clinic at The Sydney Children's hospital is where we headed and the news was as Thankfully though he wants to hold off until she is a little older as it makes it much easier to do. In the mean time though, glasses. All day, every day until she gets the surgery. He did say though that wearing the glasses gives her a chance (although a VERY small one) that she will not require the surgery. Keeping my fingers crossed for that one!

It was a terribly long day and we didn't get home until after 10pm. Leaving Sydney during peak hour traffic....horrible! I'm glad I don't have to do that every day! The kids travelled exceptionally well though and were very good all day which is such a bonus. Anna didn't even freak out and break down in tears when they were examining her! Double bonus!

In other news Zachary and Anna had hearing tests last week. Mainly because they never did get hearing tests at the hospital and being prem they have a higher risk. It was a total shock.....Zachary failed, just. That wasn't so much a surprise but Anna, she failed with a capital F! I have never had any concerns with her hearing but we do have to go back next week and get retested. Lets hope it was just a bad day for her and she will do better next time. If not....well then I don't know......

Better head off, need to get this script down for her glasses. How much will that cost? Also need to get caught up on all this washing and be at the doctors by 1:30pm. Did I tell you that I have a Anterior subluxation of the 3rd and 4th distal vertebrae of the Coccyx (or something like that...hehe). Basically it means that my last and second last bone of the tailbone are dislocated and have been since I had the twins. There is really no treatment short of surgery to remove the coccyx....ahhhhh! I am seeing Zach's physio as she thinks that she may be able to get some pain relief but I'm waiting to see the Orthopedic Surgeon too. It never rains it pours!

Speaking of pouring, we got caught in a huge storm on our way home last night where we had to do about 10/kph because I couldn't see a thing and my passenger side wiper decided to stop working! Still need to look at that. As I said it never rains it pours!

Also Zach gets his AFO's on September 29th! Yippee!

Running now, have a great day!

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