Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just another day

Today has been one of those days. You know the ones where you spend the entire in your PJ's and only dress the kids because they have taken their PJ's off themselves and you need to get something on them just so they won't remove their nappies. I know you have all done it!

Lately I have been SO tired! Sometimes I have days where I can barely drag myself out of bed and I'm nearly falling asleep by lunchtime. I put everything done to just stress but after seeing my doctor apparently it could be a little more serious then that. Apparently I have a very high resting heart rate (resting heart rate of at least 105!) - its been this way for years now. I tire extremely easy, I have been having chest pain for like 10 years now (but it is a lot more frequent in the last few years and even more so in the last few months), can't walk distances without running out of breath, I get facial flushing, tingling in my hands and feet, extremely cold hands and the list goes on. Apparently I can't just put all this down to stress. So, off I go for a round of blood tests and a 24 hour heart monitoring to start with. You see the doctor thinks that my symptoms may have something to do with my heart. She didn't however tell me what she suspected so silly me turned to Google doctor - I know not to google things like this but I went and did it anyway. Bad move........apparently I'm dying from heart failure or something. No really I shouldn't be laughing because this could be quite a serious matter and it is really the last I need. I'm praying that it is nothing serious.

Ah, so tomorrow is another day. Ashlee is staying with my brother and his wife tonight, Mitchell is in bed (long ago), Anna too and Zach, well he finally gave in about a 1/2 hour ago. Now I'm off to bed - late I know, but with any luck I'll have a sleep in in the morning. Zach is my usual early riser but after tonight's late night I think he'll need some sleep!

Thank you all for your lovely comments too! And lastly, just another happy snap from days gone by.

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