Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Its been so long!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. As you may have guessed it is a bit busy around here at the moment. I spend most of time at the moment running around filling in forms, see different people and of course spending some lovely stress-free time with my children.....

It is getting a bit.....tense here sometimes. I guess that's what you get when you put a daughter that hasn't lived at home since she was 16 and now has 4 (delightfully energy filled) children of her own back in the same house with her (ever patient) Mum that is totally not used to having said children in her life 24/7! We try and give Mum/Nanny her own space but at times it does get really chaotic here!

We do our bit around her and of course pass on money to help out with the bills (that I'm sure are going to be 10 times the last ones!). The kids are going a bit nuts as there is no yard here for them to just run outside but thankfully there is a park just across the road with plenty of room for running and bike riding and such. We do spend a bit of time there.

Now I guess I will give you a little run down on all the kids.....what's happening now and what's the plan for the future.....


Currently on school holidays and will (sadly) start at a new school in the new term. Hopefully meet up with some more wonderful friends that she can move onto high school with.

She is enjoying some time here at Nan's but will have to come back down to earth very soon I think!

Ashlee also competed at the Athletics Carnival in Cooma recently.......out of 5 events she got 2 firsts, 2 seconds and a third! She also got third overall senior girls! {Round of Applause!} We are waiting to see if she made it to the next level now.


Mitchell.....well, he's not up to much. He is taking the split in his stride but I know it is hard on him. He spent some time down with his Dad recently and although it was a nice break I missed him terribly! Even by day 2 I was yearning for my little man.....he's home now and making me smile everyday.

Mitchell loves to spend his time over at the park riding his bike and playing with the twins. They all got new balls recently and that has been a great pass time.

I am currently looking into schools for him. Can you believe he starts 'big school' next year!


Our sweet little Zachary......Zach is going great. As you may have guessed from previous pictures, Zachary got his walker! And its gold! He loves it and is really going well with it. Almost running around with it and kicking balls too! Unfortunately he sometimes has to fight Anna for it. I am trying to get her to understand that his walker is not a toy and he needs it to get around.

In other news, our quotes for Zach's AFO's have finally come through and we are now on the way to getting the funding - finally! We are seeing the Spastic Centre in Canberra while we are here which includes attending the orthotics clinic on the 22nd. Great, means we don't have to drive to Sydney for that! One less thing to worry about. Zach sees Dr L again in August.

Another thing the kids have all been loving is colouring in and play dough. We have discovered that Zach is left handed. This may just be or because he is affected in his right arm.


Lastly, our little clean freak. I tell you I've NEVER seen a 2 year old like her! She loves to clean, help out and pack up. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining! It's great! Anna is a very helpful, bright and beautiful little girl. Zach's body guard too......don't look at him wrong or Anna will let you know about it.

Something new she has been doing is climbing into Zachary's cot usually when they go down for their afternoon sleep. It's cute, yes, but then they just don't sleep!

Anna can now dress herself (somewhat), put on her own shoes (usually on the right feet) but hates having anything in her hair - sadly.


Alright, this post has taken me the better part of the night to get finished so I'm going to leave it there and (hopefully) see you all again soon!

Take Care!

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  1. Thanks for updating us Naomi but you forgot to update us on one person. One very important person - you! How are you going? Are you ok?

    I bet this is really taking its toll on you. I hope you find time in your day for yourself. I can't imagine how hard this must be.


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