Sunday, July 26, 2009


Today I took the kids to church. I grew up like this, my Dad used to take us every Sunday and I did really enjoy it. The church we went to is the church I grow up in, there were some familiar faces and plenty of new ones.

The kids had a great time. Sunday School Mitchell and Creche for the twins. Mitchell even asked if we could go again tomorrow! It has been over 5 years since I went last. (D)ExP wouldn't allow it and we didn't live close enough anyway but today I decided it was time to return and see how it went. I really did feel a since of peace and comfort and wasn't at all worried about (D)ExP's reaction. He would whole heartedly be against the kids attending. I think I need this, faith and support from some lovely people.

Not much else going on. When we got home Mitchell laid in my bed and watched High 5 and rested. The Zachary and Anna went to bed, Mum and Ashlee went to the Fruit and Veg Market and I laid down on the couch with 2 Panadine to try and get rid of a lingering Migraine I have had for 3 days now. It seems to have worked, currently pain free!

Mum and Ashlee have gone to the evening service and I'm feeding, bathing and loving my other children. Off now to do a bit more of that.....

Please keep Baby Stellan in your prayers as he is not doing to well at the moment.

Lastly, here are a couple more photos of my loves.....

A new thing with Anna is hair......we turned this:

Into this:

Zachy loves his walker - and I love this face!

And his cute little chubby feet! (but not the biscuit on the carpet!)

That's my boy!

Mitchell and Scooter - birthday present!

This photo was actually taken by my talented daughter!

And this one too!

And lastly - The Girly Girl

P.S I've been 'playing' around in photoshop way to much! - these actions are all from The Pioneer Women!

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  1. New to blogging and found your blog from link at another blog I follow. I am a special needs teacher and a follower of Christ. I want to encourage you to continue on your journey of faith. You will be strengthened not only by your faith but by those believers in your congregation. Your kids are too cute! And your little Zach is precious. It is amazing to me how I have continued to "stumble" onto blogs in which the bloggers have children with special needs. I have added these children to the list of people that I pray for and I will add you and your family as well. There will be a special spot in my prayers and in my heart for your sweet Zach!


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