Thursday, July 23, 2009

An afternoon at The Spastic Centre

Yesterday we had our first appointment at The Spastic Centre. It was actually for an appointment with Stuart Kerr to have casts made of Zach's legs. Zach was brilliant! Just sat on my lap, cuddled Elmo and watched. Probably thinking 'What the hell are you doing and when do these come off!'. We are having Bilateral Dynamic AFO's made and should have them in about 4 weeks.
Similar to the middle one in this picture

He is walking (and sometimes trying to run!) well with is walker but toes walks on his left foot and his right foot drags. The hinged AFO will still give him some movement but prevent the toe walking and foot dragging. I'm looking forward to getting them for him but at the same time I'm not. How will he feel about them? Is it going to be a daily struggle to get them on him or keep them on him? But I guess all we are doing is trying to help him and by all accounts at the moment he is doing really well. Apparently for a 2 year old to be walking in a walker is brilliant. I am very happy about that and it really gives me hope for the future - his future. Zach is a very determined little boy and if anybody is going to 'beat this' - he will.

We are looking into staying here in Canberra and using The Spastic Centre's services. I was planning on trying to get a house in Cooma to try and stay near Zach's current therapy but I don't think that is going to be possible. There are just no houses available at the moment. Houses in Canberra cost a small fortune but what other option do I have?!

Ashlee needs to go back to school. I still haven't organised anything. That is what today is all about. Wish me luck in finding a decent school for her. I'm actually looking at Trinity Christian School (where I went from K-7). She likes the idea - thankfully.

OK, that's it for now. House work this morning and maybe some washing if this rain lets up!


  1. Archers had the same afo now for 2 months and he really likes wearing it! Novelty hasn't worn off yet!

  2. I believe Zach will beat it Naomi, you can see it in his eyes, he is one very determined boy.

    Houses in Canberra. Tell me about it! How could you honestly afford to buy here?? Renting is worse. We barely managed but we had two incomes and bought at the very and I mean VERY bottom of the market. Thankfully we made money on that house and moved somewhere nicer.

    I really hope you find something. I guess your best either way out south (like Lanyon where we are) or really north like Gungahlin.

    How about Queanbeyan?


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