Saturday, November 28, 2009

Looking better

This is Ashlee's lip - post incident day 1 (so about 24 hours later)

Outside - a little swelling, not looking so bad

Inside - not so great.....

She is feeling a little better but still quite sore and I guess losing weight because she can't eat much at all. Even drinking is hard!

Here we have Zachary in his Theratogs

From the front....

And from the back....AFO's and all.

This was the initial try-on. These are normally worn under the clothes. Our Physio suggested taking these photos for reference as it can get a little confusing in the beginning apparently. Wearing these 4 hours a day is like doing 50 hours a week of hands on therapy. Zach is still tolerating them at the moment, he is pretty good with most things.

Not much else going here. A little grocery shopping today, I have also been doing a few 'photo shoots' for people too. All free of course and all to get up some more practice. Live near me and want to get a free shoot with a CD of all the photos to help me get up more practice? Email me.

Here a few from my shoot with my gorgeous little nephew Caleb....

He was such a darling little boy but eventually it had to come to an end....

I also did a small Christmas photo shoot for another friend of her two sweet little boys, making them into a holiday card for her.

A close friend of mine had a stunning little 6lb baby girl on the 26th and one of my gifts to them is a newborn shoot. Lots of fun playing around and of course snuggling with sweet little newborns!

That's all for now, here a few photos of my clan to finish with.....

(Favourites of the 'out takes')


  1. Your photos are brilliant!

    You wouldn't believe what we are getting done today would you? Photos! I found someone - a friend of a friend, who is really cheap and can't wait for the CD of photos. If only I had known you did it. I think its such a great idea, especially as you have the passion (and obviously skill) for it. There is good money in it too.

    Look forward to seeing some more of your work.

    Oh and poor Ashlee, ouch. I guess the plus side of having swollen lips (if there is a plus side) is people pay lots of money for huge kissable lips like that! I hope she heals soon, not being able to eat for a week would really suck.

  2. Ouch Ashlee's lip looks awful!

    Zachary looks great in his theratogs, AFO's and his walker!

    Love your photos, they are all awesome! All your kids are so gorgeous!

  3. Hi Naomi!
    Poor Ashlee! That lip looks so sore. I hope it heals quickly for her! Zachary looks like he is adjusting to his new AFO's quite nicely. Good for him! I am always amazed at how children adapt to and put up with the things that they have to. It is awesome how they do what they do!
    Naomi, your photo's look great and I must say that Caleb is a very beautiful little one. Takw care and have a great week.

  4. Hi Naomi,

    Haven’t heard from you for a while, I hope it’s just because your busy with Christmas fast approaching.

    Speaking of Christmas I hope you, Ashlee, Mitchell, Zac and Anna all have a fabulous Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.


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