Thursday, November 26, 2009

Just a quickie...

because I'm stuffed and because I haven't been around for a while.

Returned from the hospital tonight, Ashlee split her lip WIDE open. 5 stitches on the inside and 2 on the outside. It really didn't look that bad if it wasn't for the swelling but once we got to hospital and they looked on the inside of her lip I was shocked! A huge gash about 7-8cm long and about 1cm deep! My poor little girl was (and still is!) in so much pain! It brought me to tears watching her get stitched up while she squeezed my hand for dear life. This was even after a cannula, some heavy drugs and a lot of anesthetic. Thankfully the cut to the outside of her lip is only about 1cm long and is right in the middle, cosmetically the doctor thinks it will be fine. She was sent home on panadine forte and also told nothing but liquids for a week. That didn't go down to well as she was already starving by the time we left the hospital. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she heals. No school for her tomorrow.

As for Zachary, we had him at the hospital recently after he took a header head first off a retainer wall on to concrete. Thankfully he is OK but with some bruising and cuts.

Today we started his trial with the new (well about 10 years old but relatively new to Australia) Theratogs! (Also some more info here) Firstly I will say after just one day I am VERY impressed and would highly recommend them! Zach has Diplegia so is mainly effected from his waist down with some involvement of the right arm but he is definitely more effected in the right leg than the left. He toe walks, drags and turns in his right leg a lot more than his left. These theratogs had him walking in his frame quite straight minutes after having it on.

I'll go into everything more next and I have photos of him in it too. Going to check on Ashlee and head to bed for now......


  1. Sorry to hear about Ashlee and Zachary, sounds very painful!

    Great though to hear you have already seen an improvement with Zachary wearing his Theratogs!

  2. Hi, can i get your contact info. I have twin boys one with spastic dipligia. would like to know more about the theratogs!!


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