Thursday, November 12, 2009


I haven't totally fallen off the face of the planet - I'm still around but things have been pretty hectic here. So, what have we been up to...??

In general:

As most people know, moving house is usually a pretty big thing. And time consuming! Who out there was still unpacking boxes 3 weeks later? Moving with 2 x 2 year olds and a 5 year old that just wants to be helpful is very tiring but thankfully with a bit of help we got here and we are loving it. The house is pretty much set up, I'm now down to adding our own touches. Pictures on the wall, rugs etc. Than all that's left is sorting out some boxes still in the garage into chuck, donate and sell piles - not really looking forward to that. Really tempted to just chuck but I really can't see things that are perfectly good go to the dump! Hoarder much...??

Now down to us:

Ashlee.....has been sick, a lot, lately. I really don't know whats up with that. Monday she had her high school orientation day but by the time she got home she was like death warmed up and has been home from school ever since. She will stay home again tomorrow just to be sure and hopefully is right for Monday. Her finger is finally de-splinted and tomorrow morning we are heading back to the OT for a final check up. All should be good as she hasn't any pain lately, a good sign that after over 5 months it is finally healed! Other than all that it is all about decorating her new room and getting ready for high school next year. starting school in January. I can't believe my little boy is that grown up! Last Thursday and today we had his Kinder Orientation. He enjoyed it and I think he will be fine next year. Compared to the other kids he is HUGE! People do comment on his size and are surprised when I tell them that he is only 5 but never thought anything of it until I saw him with these other children. He is considerably taller than them and taking after his Dad he is pretty solid too. By solid I mean solid not fat by any means. advancing nicely. He no longer gives wearing his AFO's a second thought and they are just a normal thing for him now. Zach has decided that getting around at home is much nicer when he is pushing a little ride on 4 wheel bike with a handle than his walker so we now keep his walker for going out. His physio is really happy with this as he was getting to 'good' with his walker and not really stepping properly just dragging and sliding and relying on the walker to hold him up. With the bike he has to work a little more to stay up right and has to slow down and step properly. We are finding that he tripping on his feet a lot more now as his right foot turns further and further in. We are really trying to work on his leg with physio at the moment but we are also looking forward to botox and hoping that after December 14th and some intensive therapy for a few months following things might just be a little better for him. A wheelchair is on order at the moment but really long term we are hoping we know he won't need it. Especially with his determination and great rehab therapist Damien. He has CP himself and really gives us hope!

Anna.....well Anna as of yesterday has been officially diagnosed by our Paed with Asthma. We now carry Ventolin and a spacer EVERYWHERE as he feels she is not in the best shape at the moment but he has also put her on Singulair to take daily as a preventor. My little girl has been constantly unwell since she was admitted to hospital with pneumonia last month and is still not back to her normal self. We are going back to the see Dr Rosier again in a month for a follow up check up and take it from there. At the moment she is a bit of a mystery. Anna is also sporting a cut knee after falling twice on the same knee and also a cut and bruised cheek after a run in with the window sill in the play room. I think both of things can be put down to her vision as every time she refuses to wear her glasses we end up with some kind of fall. We see the Eye clinic again in March to reassess her for surgery.

Me.....I'm going well, a little tired from all the running around to appointments and late nights but getting there. I'm sick of these heat though! Its way to hot! Carting the kids around in this heat everyday is just making everyone tired and cranky.

Next year I will be returning to study - more on that later......

I'm going to call it a night now, its nearly 10pm and I need to be up and out the door before 8am for Ashlee's OT appointment in Belconnen. I really need some catch up sleep!

But lastly just because I can.....sweet little blue baby!

Baby Caleb


  1. I know how stressful moving can be, I can't imagine how stressful it would be with 4 children!!

    Take your time to get settled in to your new home and relax, you deserve it.

    Look forward to reading your blog when your back on your feet again.

  2. Hi Naomi.
    Wow! You deserve an award for being a supermom!
    When do you take time to breath?
    I am glad to read that the unpacking is done and you are now truly settled into your new home.
    As always, thanks for sharing.


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