Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oh what a day!

Today we had 'the' court appearance. (D)ExP - and I can assure you that the D doesn't stand for darling! - is trying to get an AVO on me, yes that's right - ME! The judge basically laughed at him but 'has to go through due course and hear the matter out'. So we are back again in August. A REAL waste of time on every bodies behalf.

Right now I have so much support around me, it really feels great. Even having my bloggy friends leave words of support feels great. Finally I have reached out and asked for help with the local agencies and we are getting somewhere. There are also quite a few people, locals, that have come out of the woodwork with offers of help. Considering this is (D)ExP's home town, that says a lot!

I will admit I am scared. Not scared of our soon to be new life, that I am really looking to, but scared of how things will pan out with all this mess. What fight do I have ahead of me?! Is a fight even going to be needed?! Who knows. (D)ExP is so unpredictable.

Tomorrow I have absolutely no plans, and that feels great. I am looking forward to spending the day tidying up and just going nowhere. Just spending the day with the kids.

Tonight - well I'm going to get these children dinner, a bath and tuck them in bed safe and sound for tomorrow is another day. I am going to do the dishes and fold the washing that I did get hung out. I also need to start sorting things out and begin thinking about packing things up! A daunting task.

So thank you to everyone for their support. Back to life now....


  1. Baaa... what a loser. Anyway.... lol you know my opinion. Hehe I am sure all in good time it will be sorted. You just stay strong, and keep plodding along. Love you!

  2. Hi Naomi.
    I asm so sorry for all that you are going through. This kind of situation is not good for anyone. It's too bad the other party needs to be petty about stuff. Keep your friends and family close and don't hesitiate to ask them for help with anything including folding the laudry if it needs to be done. And don't sweat the small stuff...if it's only towels in the laundry it doesn't matter if they get folded or not. Most stuff is small stuff!
    Remember to take a few minutes every night and relax with a hot cup of tea or whatever when the kids are finally in bed for the night.
    I will keep you and your children in my prayers.
    Stay strong and remember to ask for help when you need it!
    Good Luck!


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